Hi was just wondering how come I’ve got my first payment going out when I’ve only just signed up as I’ve still got my old supplier payment still to go out
Jackie stead

Hi Jackie,

At Bulb, we take a fixed payment in advance for the month ahead. So the first payment is taken on the day you switch. At the end of the month, we send a statement summarising your usage based on meter readings, the cost of the energy you used, and the balance on the account. We do this as it allows us to be more effective when buying our energy, saving you and all our other members money.

Unfortunately, we’re not given any visibility of when your old supplier takes your normal payment. However, this payment will be to cover energy before you switch to us and your payment to us will be to cover your next month’s energy. So you’re not charged for any energy twice. If your old supplier overcharges, they will refund any credit left in your final bill!