Hello I would like to ask you why you took monthly payment twice from my banking account? First was on 1.11.2017 and second was today. Please let me know if you will check what gone wrong.

And another enquiry is last month I had overpayment and this month I gave been use mire fast and electricity so how much will you take from my account next month?

Thank you
Patrycja Kulinska

Hi Patricia, I’ve done some digging, and it looks like you changed the payment schedule, but it was done too close to the initial payment date of the 1st of each month. So, the payment on the 1st was already requested, then, you changed the payment date, to the 10th so now that payment is requesting as well.

I understand this is not ideal. You should be able to cancel this payment with your bank to avoid double paying this month.

As for your payments, that is automated each month to your set payment amount. However, the statements will change each month depending on your usage. We’ll be producing your next statement around December 9.