Payments and Statements


there appears to be an error with my payments and statements page, where a lot of “bill corrections” happened. Can you please have a look, and if it is not an error can you please refund me, leaving behind £300.



I have the same issue, contacted Bulb 2 days ago no-one has acknowledged the message! Currently £1800 in credit so definitely a glitch somewhere this month!

I would like a reply please?

Hello @pdj and @crabby ,

Sorry to hear you are having problems, but this community forum won’t be able to help you with account specific questions such as this (as we fellow customers obviously don’t have access to your personal account details). It’ll be best to email or call Bulb directly ( , but live chat/telephone is available 9am-6pm Monday to Friday via ) and I’m sure they’ll be able to help.

Corrected bills tend to be issued if meter readings are received which require old bills to be recalculated (and which then may require subsequent bills from that point to be reissued for consistency/accuracy). However, there may be other reasons this has happened, so don’t take that as gospel (although if you frequently supply meter readings - at least once a month - it should reduce the probability of this happening: estimated bills need to be resent if an accurate reading is provided).