Payments online

I recently had to make an extra payment, this was taken by direct debit, do you not think in this day of instant payment, you sould have a way of paying by debit card, so the payment is taken there and then, instead of having to wait 3-5 days for the payment to go through.

Purely from a customer point of view although it wouldn’t affect the vast majority of customers I can envisage a few cancelling DDs and attempting to pay each month with a debit card and ending up getting in to debt. It is probably safer for both Bulb and the customer to have DDs and go through the bank for top-ups.

On another point and not really related but I resist if I can anything that entails paying cashless as I dread the day we become a cashless society and its heading that way, it maybe convenient but we will be at the mercy of big brother.