I encouraged my elderly in-laws to join bulb which they did (they’re 88/93).
As a 2 person house they are being charged the same monthly payment as we are as a 4 person house - can this be adjusted?

It can be via mybulb but here’s the thing, I keep adjusting my payment amount only to find it has reverted to a higher amount.
Please fix this bug Mr bulb.

@iJimmyC, as mjp says, you can adjust it in the MyBulb page.

Funnily enough I also had mine revert back after changing it once but since changing it again it has stuck to the amount I set it to.

Hi @iJimmyC , you can change it in your MyBulb and it will adjust for your next monthly payment.

@mjp and @mowcius Let me know if you have any more evidence of the change not sticking, would be good to report the bug to the tech team if it’s happening to you.

Always remember that the change may not be reflected in time for the next monthly payment as direct debit takes a minimum of 6 days in total for the payment to go through correctly.

@“Rob at Bulb”, I can reproduce the issue right now.

If you change your monthly amount once, click Apply, then change the amount again, and click Apply all looks fine. If you then refresh the page however, it goes back to the first adjustment.

If you refresh the page between each change after clicking Apply, all changes seem to be retained.

It’s likely to be an issue for anyone who needs to adjust the amount more than the first slider will let you do so.