Hi, we’ve been with you for over two months after a reasonably smooth switch. We’ve had three monthly debits taken from our bank, so the account is healthy. So far we haven’t received any statement or bill for our usage, despite supplying monthly meter reads? Our previous supplier accounts are closed and paid up in full.

Just to confirm, nothing showing at all in here?.

@phproxy nope, there’s nothing in the money out column since the account opened?

A few others do seem to have had similar issues around the new year. If nobody from Bulb pops up here shortly, I’d just give them a ring (0300 30 30 635) and they should be able to generate those statements for you.

@mowcius :slight_smile: thanks

@robcursons The issue should now be sorted. Our system was trying to bill you as a two rate day/night meter but your meter is in fact one rate. All sorted now and you should have a bill.

Thank you @“DanP at Bulb” we now have a bill. Its not often I have to ask for bills :stuck_out_tongue:

@robcursons Haha, we will be sending a bill a month from now on so you shouldn’t have to worry about chasing us in future!