Hi there I have noticed my payments have gone up. which I’m not happy about this. I’ve only been living in this property for 4 months and I am 100 pound in credit already. I am never at home I’m at work from 5am in the morning and don’t get back home till sometimes 8 o’clock at night. I have showers at the gym to keep the costs down and my landlord has just fitted a combi boiler in to save me even more money on my heating I want to problem resolved ASAP can you call me on XXXXXXXXX .my payments was to high set at 72 pound a month and they definitely will be at 96 pound what you have changed it to. If you don’t sort this out then I will cancel my contract with your company

Hi @emailad

Just to let you know that I’ve edited your post by taking out your mobile number. This is a public forum so we don’t want any personal details available for others to see.

We’ve not had a meter reading from you since your first reading. We’re currently using estimates given to us by a third party regulator. We suggest an increase if we don’t think your payments will cover your usage. This is only advice though.

If you could update us with a meter reading then we’ll know how much energy you are using. And we’ll suggest a new suggested payment amount.

If you’re on top of your payments and know that what you’re paying will cover what you use longer term, you can change both the amount and the date at any time in your online Bulb Account.

I’d really love to know why the most visceral rants always correlate to people who haven’t submitted any meter readings and wonder why their account doesn’t reflect actual usage.

@Hooloovoo =)