PayPoint issue?

Hi. I have just received my gas card after switching to Bulb.
I visited my local Co-op to top up using
their PayPoint terminal, but the card is
displayed as British Gas and was unable to credit the card as PP and BG no longer deal with each other.
Any suggestions?
Does BG supply energy to Bulb?


No BG does not supply gas to bulb. The only thing I can suggest is to contact bulb by phone tomorrow and inform them you have been sent the wrong card in the meantime your old card will still work. Do NOT use the BG card as that will obviously put you on their tariff

How would they send me the wrong card?
It is Bulb branded…

You said it displays as BG but is bulb branded, my mistake I misunderstood, at a guess you have a BULB card imbedded with a BG “chip” the upshot of this being you will still need to CONTACT bulb and get a replacement card

No need to use capital letters. It is regarded as shouting, and is considered rude.
If the card is embedded (not imbedded) with a BG chip, then they all are.
I shall seek the answer elsewhere.

Pardon me for breathing.Yes they all are but obviously they are or should be programmed with the details of your chosen supplier