Peer To Peer Solar Trading

I found this very interesting - Power Ledger

They are live, trading with various projects in Asia / Australia.

This video explains the concept - (10) BCPG & Power Ledger’s T77 Project in Bangkok, Thailand - YouTube

Would love something like this in the UK. I am paying ~15p down and will be selling back at ~5p. This would allow me to bargain with a neighbour to trade @ 10p - both of us benefit.

This is an awesome concept!

Interesting to see how they are trying to implement cryptocurrency trading for renewable energy.

It’s crazy to think that we could see a decentralised platform for renewable energy trading, especially with cryptocurrency growing rapidly.

Have they released any updates recently? Do keep us updated!

Thanks Trevor - trying to see if I can get support from Bulb members to create a POC

If Bulb can help directly let me know

( Calling other Bulb Solar Owners - General Chat - Bulb)