Pending payments

How long does it take for a payment paid to be credited/show up in my account rather than pending

At least 3 working days for the payment to make its way from your bank to Bulb’s bank. Add a couple of days to that for Bulb’s internal processing. So about a week.

Thanks for your reply.

#emmapearson I think I may have underestimated the time for Bulb’s processing - I requested a top-up on Mon 13th which only left my bank account on Fri 17th. And that is only the beginning of its route to my Bulb account so I’m expecting it to be the best part of a fortnight before it is credited :confused:

A payment came out of my bank yesterday (16th) and it’s showing it being credited to my account today

I’m glad your payment has been credited, but also rather surprised by that timing - I thought direct debit payments always took at least 3 days to clear through BACS.

My payment was requested and shown as pending on my Bulb account on Mon 13th, debited from my bank account on Fri 17th and credited on my Bulb account on Mon 20th. I don’t understand how it cleared through BACS that quickly unless the bank records the transaction at the end, rather than the beginning, of the clearing process.