Pending problems of unpaid bills for 7 months!

Good Evening,

My problem has been taken quite a long time to sort out and I am confused about what to do next. Please be patient its a long story :frowning:

I moved in on my current location in October 2020 and since then no gas bills have been paid or even received …well not my fault as the tenant. On moving in, I contacted the Meter number helpline to help identify who is the gas supplier in my location and was informed that it was supplied by Bulb. It should be noted that I did not subscribe to BULB the previous tenant did.

Following this update, I registered an account through your website ready to begin sending my meter readings and receiving my bills but there was a problem. On your website, I keyed in my address and the reply was “Sorry we do not supply Gas to this property” and secondly every time I would try login to the the website the reply would be “We’re having trouble finding your account” . Despite this, I tried all means to reach your company no results (I understand it was the lockdown period). Luckily, I later learned about this community and raised my issue here beginning of this year informing that I am not able to pay my bills nor had I receive any bills.

I was lucky to get some response from your team as I started a conversation with one of your staff (Georgie) who also from the first email exchanges had indicated that it seems that Bulb Limited did not supply the gas to my property. This was very odd and I decided to do more follow-ups and for months from February 2021 your staff (Georgie) was able to finally confirm that indeed Bulb does supply gas to my location.

I also shared all the information including Meter readings in Photo formats in an attempt to get some assistance. Unfortunately, this conversation went cold and I have written several emails but no replies anymore and now I am here in this community platform again back to square one.

The following is what is frustrating me;

  1. I am willing to pay my monthly bills yet I am not able to because there is some sort of problem with this meter and hence I have pending bills that have accumulated now for about 7 months

  2. I want to settle my bill and switch service providers but I cant because I am stuck here with unpaid bills yet I have tried the best I can to sort this issue out.

  3. What exactly is happening with this specific meter and what is the way forward?

Kindly can someone just sort this issue to the end please I am a frustrated customer.


Hi Diana,
Sounds like your complaint with Bulb has been ongoing for well over the eight week period energy companies are permitted to reply to and come to a decision on any problems raised. You can now send you complaint to Ofgem, the UK government’s energy regulator. You will find a complaints form on their website.

Hey @ndiana

Welcome back to Community, it’s been a while!

I’ve had a quick look over the emails with Georgie- it looks like the issue comes from the addresses listed on the national database. Sometimes these are listed as ‘Plots’ which can mean meters and supplies get confused when people sign their meters up to suppliers as the addresses are not clear.

At the moment, the meter you have sent over as yours is registered under someone else- so someone else has been paying for this meter and registered it with us.

I can see you conducted a burns test so I’ve let Georgie know you’ve been in touch so we can get this sorted for you, sorry for the delay in getting back to you on it. As its under someone else and essentially is a mix up we do try our best to get in touch with the current person as well to make sure we update them on the situation which is why it takes some time.

We should be able to get this sorted for you soon, we’ll pick this up by email :blush:

Thank you @holly_at_bulb for getting back at me…I am really looking forward to fixing this as soon as we can.

Thank you @SunnySkies for the heads up I appreciate :slight_smile:


My day and night readings were transposed towards the end of 2020. I found this out when I got a bill for £538 for the month of January. On querying this, Chloe from Bulb asked for a space test from which it was ascertained that the readings had been transposed, apparently starting from when Bulb fbegan reading my Generation 1 smart meter remotely. Bills were suspended until this was resolved, which it finally was (or so I thought) at the beginning of May 2021 when I received a bill for 24 months from the 1st May 2019 when I’d joined Bulb. According to this I’d used £686 of electricity for during the 24 months and was £368 in credit, which I got refunded. On the 18th June I received a 25 month bill saying I’d used £990.16 of electricity for that period and was £214 in debit, which I was able to pay off. Today (2nd July) I received a statement for June saying I’d used £518.06 for that one month! On querying this bill, I get another bill from 1st May 2019 to 30th June 2021 saying that I’d used £1507.80 for that period, and that I am now £517.64 in debit! There is a huge list of Statement corrections on my Bulb app.

I’ve just entered a manual meter reading (10 2nd July). As R01 is currently highlighted on the meter, so I’m assuming this is the day rate, and R02 is the night rate. Yet comparing the manual reading on the Bulb app with the smart readings (which I assume are the readings taken remotely by Bulb) the two readings are transposed. This is backed up by the Tarriff page on the in-home display, where the day rate is currently highlighted in bold. On reading this, I’ve just noticed the night rate is from 0130 to 0830. When I checked that a few months ago is was from 1230 to 0730. Problem is, I’ve had water and space heating on timers to account for this. I assume it is something to do with the clocks going forward? Was I supposed to manually adjust the meter, and if so,

I’ve only just recovered from severe mental health issues I’ve had since November last year, so this is the first time I’ve sat down to really investigate the problem.


Hi @agorton1979, it isn’t necessarily that R01 is day and R02 is night, which is what can cause some issues with transposed readings. If you want to ascertain for sure which rate is which, you can conduct another space test - by taking two sets of readings a few hours apart and seeing which rate on the meter changes - and this should show that we should now be billing you correctly.

You are correct regarding the timings of the night rate - meters don’t move with Daylight Savings, so between October and March, your night rate would be 00:30-07:30 and then this will be 01:30-08:30 during Daylight Savings Time for the remaining six months of the year. There isn’t a way to adjust the meter to change this unfortunately.

With regard to your billing, I can see that my colleague is on this with you via email so they should be looking into this for you :+1: