Phone app not working correctly and random smart readings showing

Phone app has / was working fine until the 31/32022 when the electricity icon in the app disappeared, Gas is showy fine, to try and fix the issue I deleted the phone app and restarted the the phone ( iPhone XR iOS 15.4.1) download the app again but still the same, had to take photos of my electricity meter readings and send them in, I raised this with the person who responded to my email, they said that they would raise it with The developers, then another mail to say delete the app and use the website login, which does work, but doesn’t correct the issue with the app which is still available to download from the App Store if it has a bug in it it should be pulled , whilst on the website looking at my submitted readings from the 1/4/2022 it’s has stated to show smart, which is odd as the smart meter I have was installed by OVO and was /is incompatible with bulb as it was with octopus, I was advised by bulb that the meters need to be replaced, which is fine but can’t see that happening now it’s in special measures, but I’m concerned that these random smart readings are appearing for something that has never worked, maybe Someone at bulb will be able to explain the situation for both issues ???

Hi @AVAGO :wave:

Thanks for getting in touch and raising this with us.

It looks like you do have 1st generation smart meters installed and we have in fact connected to your electricity meter, which is why we’ve been able to pull some smart meter readings through remotely.

When we have frequent smart meter readings coming through, we remove the option to manually submit them on the account, in order to avoid future confusion, however I appreciate that we should have communicated this with you more clearly. From now onwards, we’ll be taking your readings remotely for electricity, so you won’t need to submit those anymore.

-Luke :bulb: