photo issue

I don’t know how a photo of me appeared on my profile which I never put up there. Now I find I can’t remove it myself or even replace it with a new one. Is this a common problem here? Can someone explain?

Hey @dantesnose

Oh no, this doesn’t sound good! If you want to change it to something you’re more comfortable with just follow this link and upload a new picture

Are you registered to any other internet forum with the same pic hosted by Gravatar?
It’s a while ago now, but I seem to remember that when I joined Bulb, the same pic I use on another forum magically appeared here.
I changed it soon after by the method described above by mitchell.

Hi, let us know if the step above doesn’t solve it, you can email us direct at

Well thanks for the explanation but I just get this message when I try to upload a new image: “By uploading a file you certify that you have the right to distribute this picture and that it does not violate the Terms of Service”, but nothing happens.

Hi @dantesnose we have received your picture and my colleague looks to be working on this for you now