Photo meter reading

Hi there,

I have a two stage meter, which has daytime and nighttime usage on it (you cycle between them with a button). I wanted to submit a reading so let the app take a photo (it happened to be showing 2, the night reading). It accepted the submission but didn’t give me an opportunity to submit the daytime reading. I went through again and took a photo of the daytime reading and was told that it’s lower than my last submitted one (which isn’t true). I submitted it anyway.

Since you guys know about both readings, surely the app should let you submit both? “Take a photo of the nighttime reading…ok got it, now take a photo of the daytime reading…ok got it, now submitting”.


As this is an open forum it may be more appropriate to contact the Bulb team direct. You can find their details by clicking the help button at the top of this page.

@szymon Our system just wanted to check it was correct, I have now entered the reading for you :slight_smile:

Many thanks :slight_smile: