Physical welcome pack.

I see an idea for a physical welcome pack has appeared on the roadmap:

Sounds like a great idea but as much as fancy printing and excessive paper (to the style of a lot of welcome packs) is nice, can these be a little more environmentally friendly than the norm?
So far I’ve had no paper based communication from you (having only recently joined) which has been lovely, so I don’t know what your current situation is. Recycled, non-glossy easy to recycle paper?

A great point. It will absolutely be recycled. I’ve asked our designer to dig out the actual spec of the paper that we’re considering for you and apparently its “FSC Recycled paper PLAIN 90gsm bond”. The important part is FSC which is Forest Stewardship Council certification, proving it’s sourced in a sustainable way.

We definitely want to minimise what we send physically, and this should actually reduce that. We have to send a statement every month to everyone that is with Bulb, including people who move into a house that we supply. We hypothesise that by sending them better literature when they move in, they’ll be more likely to give us their details so that we can email them in future.

Hi @“Will at Bulb”, that makes sense, thanks for the response!