Pipit 500 IHD faulty. Questionable Customer Service!

A Pipit 500 In House Display device, permanently connected to WiFi is showing regularly recorded Electricity readings, but the Gas reading display, on the same device, has not recorded any readings since 6th December 2021. Frustration is setting in as this fault has been referred to and recorded by email and telephone calls for many weeks. The IHD device has been inspected and attempted to be repaired remotely without success. As the device as been appreciated and found to be of excellent help to keep check on energy usage over the last 2/3 years, it is now extremely important and urgent to repair and/or replace the IHD in the current expectation of soaring energy costs. Attempts have been made to contact Secure Master, the manufacture’s of the IHD device but without reply.

Hey @JohnWJ

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Some IHDs will have some firmware issues that we would need to wait on an update on and these are not fixable at this moment, We are getting reads from your meters and your app is providing daily usage so we are still able to give you an idea to what your usage is.

You also have a 1st generation smart meter, these IHDs are not replaceable at the moment because we do not have IHDs that are new that work with the 1st generation, when we have these, we will be able to send one out for you.

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