Please cancel my switch to Bulb and urgently invest in customer support

Hi, please CANCEL my switch to Bulb, which according to my dashboard (still displaying the wrong property address) is happening tomorrow. (Despite neither of my current energy suppliers being aware of this).

I no longer wish to move to Bulb as my experience has already been quite appalling.

And before someone says I need to contact Bulb directly, THAT’s the very problem; I’ve already tried to get a modicum of support directly via phone, email, social media. For a month.

I’m saddened that such a promising company has been unable to sensibly invest in custover support to match its growth. You only have to look at Trustpilot & your own forums to see that Bulb’s reputation is currently in an exponentially negative free-fall because of this.

Please confirm you have cancelled my account/switch.

Yeah, with one day to go and without contacting Bulb directly, that’s not going to happen.

You should be able to get your existing supplier to cancel the switch from their side. Have you tried contacting them and telling them you want to stay?

I’ve just been on live chat with Bulb this morning about an issue, and while not the fastest service it hasn’t taken me a month. What’s happened when you’ve tried to phone them and use live chat?