Please cancel my switch

I would like to cancel my switch as although I was told I would save both the standing rates and the unit prices are higher, particularly the gas standing charge which is double my current one.

Please cancel ASAP

Hi @ptynan I’m really sorry but you’re past the 14 day cooling off period that we give you at the beginning of your sign up process in case you change your mind. We sent off the final registration on the 1st March and are now unable to change anything. So if you would like to leave us you will have to switch away to a different supplier.

The quote tool on the website takes into account the end of your current tariff (if you entered it) and compares with that totaled with the standard tariff your company will move you onto when it ends - which is usually much more expensive; hence the savings not looking like they add up when it is currently a higher tariff.

Please let me know how you would like to proceed with this.


I think I will just have to switch straight away then once this one is complete, unless you are able to put me on a cheaper tariff?


Hi @ptynan we only have the one tariff to make sure that its fair for everyone. We do pay your exit fees and give you and your friends £50 each when they sign up - but this is the extent of our incentives as we like to keep things as simple and clear as possible!

Just let me know if you have any further questions :smile:

Hi evie

Is this because I’m on a winter tariff? Does the tariff change in summer? What date if so?


Hi @ptynan it sounds like you’re thinking of the winter uplift.

We recommend that from October to March during your first winter only, your monthly payments are 20% higher to match your higher usage in the colder months and help prevent your account starting off in debit. As normally you’d build up a credit balance in summer so your winter payments can stay the same as this will account for the higher usage.

The cost of energy remains the same, it just takes into account that you’re likely using a little more of it.

This works for most people but if you’re pretty sure of your winter consumption just let us know and we can talk about a different monthly payment for the winter.