Please help - ask cant find a bulb support number/email or click to chat


My account bill is due to occur every 10th of each month.

Can you please change this to 1st of each month please?

I cant find a bulb support number/email or click to chat hence asking here

Hi abdullatif, This is something your able to do from you account page. First, scroll up and click “bulb home”:

You might need to login to your bulb account.
From there go to “account settings”:
In there, you will want to go to “edit payment settings”:

In there, you are able to edit the payment date!:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Edit: make sure you click the “update payment settings” once you have changed the dropdown box

For me it’s greyed out

That’s because it’s too close to the 10th of this month (ie they’ve begun the process of taking your March DD). Wait until 12th or 13th, and then it should let you.

EDIT: PS Don’t leave it much later than that, or they won’t be able to implement the change in time for taking a debit on 1st April.

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Hey @abdullatif Welcome to the Bulb community.

We appreciate how important it is to get the correct payment date for your energy.

As @izzyhunt has pointed out this is the best way to amend your date going forward, we implemented this into the Bulb account so you can be more in control of your energy.

Following on from @stevefoster when making the payment changes in future you would be best change when its not as close to the actual date of payment, so thank you @izzyhunt and @stevefoster for this assistance.

In your case @abdullatif as you are attempting to change payments before switching to Bulb you would have encountered an error doing that change. I am just dropping a follow up email to explain this in more detail.