Please help, sorry, long post

Switched to Bulb as of last Friday.
I wasn’t aware of the letter that explains how to use the key, took the key to my local shop and bought credit.
Put the key into my meter and the screen went blank.
Mrs explained what I should of done, so I spoke to bulb and explained.
They were really helpful and sent me a code to replenish the credit, took my key to shop to get key reconfigured, tried again and screen still blank.
Spoke to bulb again who sent a new code and tried process again but screen still blank.
My electric is still on from previous supplier I assume, we used to put 20 a week on, but nothings been added or topped up in about 10 days now, not really sure how the electrics still running, but now worried it’ll go today when bulbs offices are closed.
Anyone experienced this before and what should I do?

I am assuming you are using a prepayment meter. My prepay meter went blank last September and Bulb told me this was due to a power cut and the meter enters ‘fail safe mode.’ I hope this is not the case for you as Bulb currently have no replacement meters for these older digital screen meters. Your electricity should stay on however. I took my case to the ombudsman and Bulb had to declare they had failed on customer service. This did not however get me a replacement meter so the only way it appears to solve my problem is change supplier and hope they can replace a meter that is compatible with my storage heaters. Hope things work out for you!

Put key in meter for 60 seonds to register it first
Then go to shop and top-up
use as much of old credit as possibe before topping up with new key
The instrucions that come with key are a bit ambigous
should be STEP2 = step 1
step 3 = step 2
step 1 = step 3
registering your key will NOT wipe out your remaining credit

Only just joined and not actually used bulb yet, they have said I’m eligible for a smart meter so just waiting on that.
Just really worried about the electric cutting out and not being able to get credit put on in mean time

Think your credit will run out before you get “smart” meter fitted.
Replacement meter could be weeks?

Good luck with the smart meter, as long as you don’t have economy 7 heaters a so called smart meter might work well for you.