Please make it so that I only pay what I use!

This is now my third attempt at this… Please can somebody at Bulb make it so that I ONLY have the amount that I owe for the energy that I use taken from my bank!!!

I do NOT want another £190 to come out of my bank when I’m £179 in credit, and only using between £90 and £100 per month!!!

I have been asked TWICE now if would like to go ahead and simply pay for what I use, but when I reply to say yes, I get no response back!!!

Please, just do this for me… It’s really not all that much to ask for…

@Robyn_at_Bulb - Please!!! You said on my other post that we could do this, so please can you arrange for it?

Many thanks

Best thing for you to do (what I have done) is to simply cancel your direct debit @paulunsy .

What Bulb will NOT tell you up-front is that you can pay the bill on demand - just MAKE SURE you pay the bill within 14 days of receipt or they will apply an ‘Administrative Fee’. Make sure you use the ‘Top Up’ option and not the ‘Direct Debit’ mthod to pay the bill. If you use the direct debit option it’s very likely they will take the payment twice.

I have been paying the bill on demand for over 6 months now - since the debacle of estimated direct debits just before Bulb went into administration. I cancelled the direct debit after Bulb took the payment twice - something they won’t address.

I keep getting phone calls about setting up a new direct debit and, during one of these calls, they let slip the fact that the admin charge kicks in after 14 days of no payment.

So if you are in a position to manage your own finances and pay the bill on time - just cancel the direct debit!


Thank you @MadSwitcher, that sounds like a decent enough way to do it. I’m happy enough to process the payments myself, and since Bulb appear to be no help at all and quite happy to help themselves to my money, this option seems like a winner.

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Hi, I’ve been looking into cancelling my direct debits @MadSwitcher and choosing to pay on demand, but can’t seem to find any info on how to do this. Do I simply cancel my direct debits and then wait for Bulb to send me a monthly bill instead? Be much appreciated if you could advise.

Once Bulb removed the ability to choose your own direct debit payment amount I phoned them to change to what they call variable billing. This is where they only take the amount of your bill. But they ended up taking payment twice through the direct debit. I’ve asked many times why they billed me twice but no response to date.
After the double billing I simply cancelled my direct debit directly with my bank. I now use the ‘top up’ option to pay the bill on the day that I get it emailed to me. Not had a problem with that method so far. You may start getting phone calls from Bulb to set up a direct debit but you can ask them to stop calling you.

ONE IMPORTANT THING:- Bulb will apply an administration fee (£15 I think) if you are more than 14 days late with your payment. This is buried in the small print and not mentioned much elsewhere.

I feel much better NOT having the direct debit setup as I can’t afford for hundreds of pounds to go out of my account by mistake. Others may advise you to keep a direct debit up and running but there really is no need to take a chance like that.

Hope you get it sorted ok!

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Hi @paulunsy :wave:

I have updated this for you. We will now start taking payments for what is on the bill each month. If you have any further questions please let me know :point_down:


Jenny :star:

Thank you @Jen_at_Bulb. I’m a little concerned that in the Payment Details section of my Bulb account is showing a monthly payment amount of £150.77 though? I am however getting a “Set up payments” message in the payments and statements section which is what I think I would expect?

Hi @paulunsy :wave:

I can see your direct debit is being set up and is now on a variable direct debit. As this is not a fixed amount the bulb account will say “Set up payments” but this can be ignored. The figure of £150.77 is your suggested payment amount but we will take the specific outstanding balance from your bulb account following your statements being generated. I hope this helps answer your questions.

If you have any more questions please drop them below :point_down:

Luke :bulb:

Brilliant. That makes sense. Thank you @luke_at_bulb .