Please provide the meter readings sent to you by Cooperative Energy!

Please could provide the meter readings, sent to you by Cooperative Energy, as there is a discrepancy to our final bill with them.

In the usual case, surely the initial readings submitted to your new supplier would be sent by them to your old supplier. :confused:
The Co-op would then use those as your final readings and there’s no overlap.

In support of what 198kHz mentioned please see:

Hi @Wigfield1000 that doesn’t sound good! What readings are they using? As @198kHz and @Allanr mentioned, they should be using the readings we sent across to them (which were 4362m³ for the gas, and 600kWh for the electricity), the ones we got from you. If they’re using anything else on the final bill they’ve sent you we’ll have to get in touch with them and make sure everything’s nice and accurate for you