Please sort out the Bulb app

I take my meter readings every 4 weeks without fail, then enter the readings into the app. The electric updates no problem but for some reason, the gas does not. My most recent bill wasn’t correct because of this and now I’ll be billed more money next month because it’s going to be 2+ months of corrections. Please sort the app out.

Also if you’re looking to add anything to the app, I’d quite like to see a monthly usage table/chart/list. At the moment I’ve made a spreadsheet table on my phone and update this every 4 weeks.


I can’t help with regards to the App as I use the Web for all my Bulb activities.

When you mention you take the readings every 4 weeks do you mean that literally since meter reading are best submitted every calender month a couple of days before the statement date? Submitting every 4 weeks means on most months your statement will be based on estimated readings.

Hi @BlueSkies

Thanks for the feedback about the app. I’ve passed it over to our tech team. If you have access to a computer, the monthly chart and table of meter readings are on shown on the desktop version of the Bulb account. We’re currently working on our app to make it just as useful as the desktop version.