Please switch me to variable direct debit - tried and failed with customer service twice


I have contacted your support via chat twice times over the last month - to switch my account to variable direct debit, as my suggested payments are far far higher than my actual bills. I am also in credit. Each time i was assured my account was changed, but i was then billed as normal.

To add to this, i was billed twice this month, 10 days apart. This was then automatically refunded a few days ago. This was a shock as a payment of £160, and then £195 for no reason, is a large amount of money for me. For context my last statement was for £117.57…

Can somebody please switch me to variable direct debit, before i go ahead and just cancel the DD with my bank?

Can anybody confirm that doing this with my bank would have any repercussions? I’ve tried doing it properly via Bulb, but it’s clearly not working.

Thanks for any help

You can effect a change to a variable DD without any input from Bulb. If you are interested in doing this please reply and I will explain.

Hi, I looked at 2 other topics similar to yours, Ill quote here 2 replies from Bulb staff then Ill flag the post and hopefully, a member of staff will sort you out.

Hi @adfield :wave: Welcome to Community

I’ve updated your payments to a variable direct debit.

Your direct debit will still stand but when your statement is produced each month, you will be charged for the statement amount. If the funds are not available, and we cannot take the payment within 14 days of your statement date, you will be charged a missed payment fee.

This is a less flexible option when your statements are higher later in the year, as all statements need to be paid in full, and requires that you give us meter readings before your statement is generated to make sure they’re accurate to your usage.

Let us know if you’ve got any questions about this :point_down:

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