Please tell me the amount I am in credit, and transfer to my bank.

Hi guys,

before I submitted my meter reading last week I was 100s of £s in credit. That was with your guestimations. The meter readings I submitted were far fewer than you had guestimated, this means I am even more in credit.

Please confirm the amount I am in credit for both gas and electric (separate please).
Then please transfer the FULL amount for each into my bank ASAP.

I am aware that you like to keep a payment’s-worth of credit in the account (just in case), and that you rely on crdit to buy cheaper deals on energy. However, I need the money quite urgently. So please transfer all credit to my bank account.

Please also confirm how long this will take.



Hi @chrismarinuk ,

Thanks for getting in touch. I can see we’re currently refunding £350 to your account so it looks like this has been sorted.

If I’ve misunderstood and/or you need something else. Just give me a shout.



Hi Rachel,

yep that’s great thanks - £350 appeared in my account yesterday morning.

Could you now please change my monthly payment to £70 total?



@chrismarinuk We’ve now changed the monthly amount. Just to let you know that as you’ll be using more than £70 in the winter, you might have to increase your monthly payment again!