points ?

I can see points but no idea what they will bag me :wink:

No idea. Something amazing, probably.

sounds good to me

any update on this @Will ?

points are your “reputation”. Right now it’s just a number. In the future we might use them for something, but for now its just a nice number.

you get points right now for earning badges and for receiving likes. Also people like me can “promote” comments which is essentially 5 likes.

I think points should mean prizes :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm… what sort of prizes are you thinking about? :slight_smile:

little gimmicky things promotional stuff as well, typically stationary is always good, mugs, vouchers for example as points mount up though maybe not just as a points reward but in association with other things that includes all members of the forum old and new but doesn’t break the bank for the company. So say 10 pens allocated to the first 10 members to get x points, or 10 pens for any member but it has to be the first 10 to get x more points. or being able to collect points to get a voucher say for amazon or a discount on your power bill just things coming to mind off the top of my head.

We had some t shirts printed recently. They could be fun.

now clothing is always difficult due to sizing saying that we all (except sox who really loves sleeping on them ) have giffgaff fleeces which get a lot of wear, my hoody is worn almost out but the t-shirts, the fit isn’t always true to size and people like different neck lines

Hi everyone…one idea to use points is to give away bulb t-shirts for those who provide best feedback and/or improvement ideas for its website or activities. Not sure if Bulb already provides tips on how to save energy in your household but think it’s worthwhile of doing. Also try to minimize the complexity with the invoice…I just downloaded my last EDF invoice and it’s FOUR pages long…gives me a headache already looking at it. Thirdly, Bulb may want to consider a some sort “refer a friend” program while trying to gain new customers by switching their existing utility to Bulb.

Awesome ideas @dethomas we definitely want to reward people for doing good stuff. T-shirts sounds like a great way to reward people too.

actually I could do with some of those really bright bulbs as I find those energy saving ones tend to be dim and stay pretty much dim. I would happily save and swap points for bulbs. the kids need proper bright light to study by even hubby and i would benefit from having brighter bulbs, we do have some and are slowly replacing anyway.
This would be money saving, energy saving and rewarding ( and surely as a company you can get those bulbs at a competitive price with a carbboard wrap on it saying light your day with a bulb from bulb or similar

@dethomas @pinkcalculator

We’ve been thinking a lot about how we can reward members and we want to know what you guys think. Here’s the short version:

We want to reward members for doing cool stuff with us

  • Sticking around with Bulb
  • Helping other members with energy saving advice and support
  • Bringing other members to Bulb
  • Giving us feedback and ideas

We want to reward members with

  • Praise, because you’re all awesome
  • Community rewards, like badges or snazzy ranks
  • Stuff; t shirts, light bulbs, what have you
  • Money or charity donations

We also want to make it very easy to know how to get involved

  • We’ll create a personalised page for every member with a “reward tree” where they can see what they should work towards next
  • For beginners there will be only a couple of options, this will make it very intuitive and less daunting for them
  • Members who have been around for ages will have climbed the tree and will have lots of branches to explore
  • Everything will be super transparent

How does this sound? We definitely need more ideas from members like you on what sorts of things to reward and how we should reward them, so that you’ve suggested so far is great.

I love the tree idea having a visible aim is excellent motivation for all of us especially those who are nosey and like to poke around

well I need more posts to reply on to get more points and things to do though I could do a sox

Bring some friends over to join the party then :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Sox :slight_smile:

Lol I am there party and sox says hi but he’s gone back to sleep in another bedroom, he likes to share his fur around the house !
Are we doing referrals yet :wink:

You can give you code to anyone, and we’ll know it was you who referred them… so yeah that’s kind of referrals :slight_smile:

We’ll be keeping record of who referred who too, so we’ll be able to say thanks properly when we do have a referral scheme up. You’ll probably have to have Bulb supplying you to join in our referral scheme though, have you joined yet?