Poor account management/ Smart Meter fail

Bulb decided to attempt to activate my first generation Smart Meter (installed when with Eon) and ever since my account is a total mess.

Around October I started getting my monthly bill which was then followed, the next day, by a credit and a re-invoice showing ‘read’ values instead of the ‘estimated’ values but only for the gas meter. Bulb has never been able to get an electricity reading from the Smart Meter. I could understand this may have been a ‘teething’ issue and would settle down but this continues and my latest month’s bill was actually an ‘estimated’ bill followed by a credit and then another ‘estimated’ bill the day after!

Another problem has arisen in that, due to Bulb’s attempts to get an electricity reading, they have changed the set-up on the meter from Economy 7 with the two rates to just one rate. This is obviously Bulb’s doing because the meter now shows ‘Varifair’ when the button is pressed.

I am now in a position where I cannot submit readings as my online account demands two readings and it is not possible for me to get two readings!

I have been in e-mail conversation with someone at Bulb and they have been totally useless and don’t seem to comprehend my issues despite several attempts, photos, videos, etc.

I have had enough of Bulb and want to switch but I fear issues with my final bill and not being able to give accurate readings to Bulb and the new supplier and I’m sure I haven’t used the amount of electricity as my bills suggest.

Such a shame because it started so well. I’m just so glad I didn’t go for the £50 recommend a friend promo!

Hey @dbirrell

Sorry that we haven’t been able to connect to the Smets1 meter yet. I can see we got some smart reads earlier but haven’t been able to since- I’ve raised this with our Secure Smart team to investigate :mag_right:

The meter we have is a 2 rate meter on your account still so we should be able to find the 2 reads- have you tried to find both meter readings manually? This guide should help find them.

– H :bulb:

Thanks for contacting me directly, and you will see from the e-mail trail I have been through this with your colleague, the electricity smart meter only shows one rate if the button is pressed once and allowed to go through the cycle or if it is pressed repeatedly to toggle through. IMP01 but no IMP02.

Hey @dbirrell

Just got your email back, I’m glad we managed to sort it and both are now showing!