poor communication on house moving!!!!!!!!!

i recently moved home on the 26 jan got in touch with bulb no problems,they told me they would be supplying my house on the 7 feb i then contact british gas to pay off what i had used in that week or so they then tell me the electric bill amount and that has now moved to bulb no problems then they tell me the gas up to date is £175.76 and they are still supplying my house !!! spoke to bulb oh yes they say we got mixed up with your next door neighbour who has just moved to bulb then insult me by saying we will get it switched for 17 march and offer me a £45 credit!!!


And how does that insult you @Geoff ?

Definitely not over reacting here…

I’ll take the £45 if you don’t want it! Sounds pretty reasonable, considering the very limited inconvenience.

@Geoff – erroneous transfers do sometimes happen when there are lots of flats in a building and their names are ambiguous, etc. This is what occurred with your gas, as I take it @“SJ at Bulb” and @“Selina at Bulb” explained. Let me know if you have any questions here, or if there’s anything you’d like us to do that we haven’t done.