Poor Customer Service - incorrect charges

I received a call on the 6th May by Anele informing me I owed Bulb over £700 and it was going to go to a debit collections agency if it wasn’t paid. I found him quite aggressive and not understanding at all. I had provided meter readings back in January and was already in credit then so couldn’t understand how I could suddenly be in so much debit especially when i am not at home on weekends.

I sent Anele my new meter readings on the 10th May and I contacted him for an update on my account on the 11 May and the response I got was simply ‘Your bill will be reversioned and you will be sent a new statement based on your actual reads’. You can therefore appreciate I have been worried’.

Miraculously I have now logged on and my account is now £425 in credit.

Do you not think that it would have been good customer service practice for Anele to have contacted me to update me that my statement had been in fact incorrect and I was now in credit? Bulb were so quick to call me and make me panic telling me I had 7 days to pay otherwise it would be going to a debit collection agency but less swift to let me know this was no longer the case.

Based on my experience with Anele and Bulb I will be now looking to move to another provider


You shouldn’t have to wait much longer to be with another energy provider.

The date for bids to buy Bulb is near so fingers crossed the time is nearly up for this nightmare of a company.

“Octopus Energy joins bid for collapsed Bulb

People close to the matter have said British Gas’s owner Centrica and Abu Dhabi energy company Masdar (along with Octopus Energy) are in talks with ministers as the deadline to secure a bid is set for 30th of June”

I’ve also received a ‘this will be passed to a debt collection agency’ type email.
I have moved to E-on as Bulb just can’t get their act together. Their accounts dept is a shambles.
They can’t read their so-called Smart meters, could not transfer my payments (made in advance) to their meter so I had to enter a code number each time consisting of so many digits it needed at least a 100 pushes of the keys to enter it - Absolutely ridicules.
Now they chasing me for a final bill for gas on a prepaid meter ??? I have always paid in advance !!
As for electricity : a final bill ESTIMATED to be over £200 for 3 weeks. Previous months - in the winter- were around £60.
I have responded to them a number of times on this and other matters but not received a reply.
There are some helpful staff but the system is rubbish.

Try getting with so energy. Prices are better than octopus and bulb

Hey @lisaw.robd and welcome to the community :wave:

There is currently a draft bill in the system which is showing an incorrect account balance. It also appears that we have an incorrect gas meter read which has caused the draft bill. I have emailed you to ask for a photo of your gas meter so that we can get this fixed for you.

Hey @Amapola and welcome back :wave:

I can see that my colleague is working on this now for you via email. I’m sorry for this miscommunication and we will have it sorted for you soon.

– Robyn :bulb:

Are you now saying I am not in credit??? I sent my meter readings on the 10 May??? How can you still be working on the cost