Poor experience with Smart metering, what are other people's feelings?

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First time poster.

I’m generally pretty happy with Bulb as an energy supplier but I’ve been really cheesed off with my smart meter install.

Bulb have been upselling having a smart meter installation and being pretty persistent about it for over a year now, so I eventually relented. In Sept I gave up an afternoon and a sub-contracted engineer came out and installed them but the interface to the network was apparently down so he couldn’t finish the configuration. He told me Bulb would sort it out.

Since then I’ve not been able to get anyone at Bulb to take responsibility for completing the work. I’ve been told it might be months and that it will happen when it happens. I’ve clicked the button on the chat page and waited days like a mug. Nothing. Just an IHD left in demo mode.

From where I’m sitting there seem to be no benefits to the customer, the supplier gets to improve their installation stats and meanwhile the readings are still estimated and I’m as far from taking control of my energy consumption as I was before. Considering we all pay for the infrastructure and installation eventually, it seems pretty apparent who is getting the benefits and it’s not me!

I’ve noticed on here numerous gripes about end-user connectivity. Is that a general feeling? Is it about time Bulb started taking provision of the service seriously and invest some time/money in getting the problems sorted?

How about from Bulb’s point of view? Am I being unfair/unrealistic in wanting the service to work like the pre-sales blurb? Is their something behind the scenes you’re not in control of?


I’m in the same boat. Basically told by Bulb this evening it will be many months before there may be a fix and that’s not guaranteed. They just keep installing the meters and leave them not working. The same excuse the engineers use is the network is down. I’m sorry that is a load of bull. If the network is down they shouldn’t be installing them that day then. It seems the network is always down. Does that mean all the installs before and yours have failed too?

Hi @buckie,

Firstly, I would like to give you a warm welcome to Bulb community and thank you so much for leaving such a constructive post.

We’re really sorry that you’ve had some issues since the date of your smart meter installation.

I took a look into your account and I see that the sub-contractor who installed your meters (Morrison Data Services) either weren’t successful in getting your meters enrolled onto the smart network (this is known as commissioning) or didn’t have time.

I see that we were missing some of your meter technical details on our systems, these have now been added manually to your account.

Due to our relationship between Bulb and MDS being new, we currently don’t have the means to request a remote commissioning of your smart meters. We are currently in the process of signing a new agreement with them to allow for remote commissionings.

This is rather frustrating for us as well. This isn’t something we could have foreseen but we can compensate for this inconvenience. Could you send us an email to complaints@bulb.co.uk?

From there, someone from our complaints department can work with you to find a mutual resolution and also discuss compensation.

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Many thanks for the response Trevor, it is appreciated and I will take the steps you suggest to see if I can get a resolution.

One observation I have is that the timeliness and detail of responses to community posts does appear to be in contrast to my experience when following the traditional help path - FAQs, automated requests, online chat. The main Bulb front-door has given me a poor impression of a service provider that ticks all the other boxes - simple tarrifs, green provision, no lock-in. I’ve not felt the itch to switch until I needed to actually speak with you guys.

I understand that it isn’t simple to offer fine-grained support at volume whilst keeping costs down, but it might be worth feeding back that it is difficult to get traction with post-installation support for Smart meter issues via the website. Automated systems can only take you so far and a bit more human intervention may help keep the customer churn rates down :slight_smile:

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@Trevor_at_Bulb This is exactly what happened to mine though. Apart from my installers were Siemens. So why can’t Siemens and bulb help me out here?

My smart meter stopped working after a couple of weeks and hasn’t worked for months even after several attempts to reset it. It’s am HD3 unit (if that helps). Any advice on how to get it working again would be welcomed!

Hi Terry,

Thank you for raising this query with us. I have sent you a message now to get your Bulb account email. Please do send this over when you can so that we can look into this and help to get it sorted for you.

Best wishes,

Hi Trevor,

What is the expected response time from the complaints department? I’m yet to receive a reply.



“Many thanks for the response Trevor, it is appreciated and I will take the steps you suggest to see if I can get a resolution.”

Unfortunately @Trevor_at_Bulb your initial response was the last I heard from Bulb about any of this… Since then I’ve been ignored by your complaints department and on this forum. I am still no nearer to having my Smart meter working and the whole thing has left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

Today I received an automated email from your complaints department which suggested I contact the Ombudsman due to the length of time my query has been sitting idle - no human has been near this problem in 2 months let alone attempted to resolve it.

My current advice to other Bulb customers regarding changing to Smart metering is don’t bother, this company are not equiped to provide the service correctly and they are wasting everyone’s time to meet government targets.

Extremely disappointed.

Hi @buckie, I’m really sorry that your complaint wasn’t responded to. I’ve just responded to this myself, so do take a look at the email address associated with your Bulb account to find this.

Lou :stars: