Poor opinion of this IHD

It’s been a while since I last updated on this.

Nothing to tell really though - still stuck in a perpetual crash & reboot loop and absolutely no contact from the “smart” team!

Utterly, utterly useless!

Good morning @Fabulosa,

I’m really sorry that your IHD is still not working. I’ve just prompted my colleague @Nathan_at_Bulb to get in touch via the complaint as soon as possible.

Take care,

Niamh :bulb:

Please add me to the list for a new IHD.
I’m guessing the update to fix the issues would come over WiFi?
I can’t connect to WiFi because the IHD switches off before I can finish entering the password.

we had smart meters installed before Christmas last year - despite getting intouch on numerous occasions, being promised a new IHD, that never arrived, having an electric meter that connects to the smart network, but the gas that still doesn’t - all in all not worth the trouble we gave up asking in the end. Have a half finished installation…
Be nice if Bulb followed up on returning calls and emails.

Hi @Alarmclock :wave:

Sorry there are ongoing issues with this. I’ve got in touch with the smart team about the gas meter. Regarding the IHD, you were given one during the installation, but it’s never worked?


Thank you for your quick reply. The IHD was supplied at installation but the engineer didn’t connect it to the web - I have but it won’t connect the gas or electric meter.

Hi @Alarmclock :wave:

No problem. Ok, I’ve asked the smart team if we might be able to remotely commissioning the gas meter, so I’ll let you know when I hear back about that.

We can then take a closer look at the IHD too.


thank you - what does that actually mean. What are Bulb promising to do. They asked me to stay in previously to have the meter commissioned but never called to didn’t do anything… this happened on two occations.
Also what do you mean take a closer look at the IHD - I have tried to reset… happy for any advice…

Hi @Alarmclock, we don’t actually call you during these remote commissioning slots, we just trigger the remote commissioning from our end and ask that you follow the instructions from your end at the same time.

We’ve had confirmation from our Smart team that we can go ahead with this again though, so I’m going to drop you an email to get a time that works for you, to book this in.

With regard to the IHD, with a successful commissioning of your gas meter, we should get this usage showing there.

All the best,
Lou :sparkles:

when will this happen?

@Alarmclock Can you reply to @Lou_at_Bulb 's email he sent you yesterday eve? He’ll then be able to book in a slot for you to commission the meter :blush:

Ive tried to mail back but it says address unknown…

Hi @Alarmclock

That’s strange, could you try contacting your email inbox provider? The address should be working as I’ve just tried a test email, so it sounds like it could be an issue on their end :thinking:


ok so when will this all happen…?



When will this all happen then… I’ve had a commission slot before and nothing happened and no follow up


Hi @Alarmclock,

Have you had any luck getting back to us via email?

If you could respond to this, we can get it all set up for you. If not, please suggest a convenient time here are we can get this set up for you.

Daisy :bulb:

Thanks - the email has gone and not bounced back this time but no reply.

Anytime Wednesday/Thursday is good for me…


Hi @Alarmclock,

We haven’t yet received that response to Lou’s email, but I will pass this on and we’ll send a confirmation.


not had confirmation -

Hi @Alarmclock

Sorry about that - I’ve looked into it and what we need is a photo of you IHD. This is because we need to see it’s device ID, which is essential to the commissioning process.

Could you reply to Lou’s email when you get a chance? To get the ID you need to:

  • Look on the bottom of the IHD
  • You should see a series of digits starting with GUID : 0C-A2-F4-00-00-