Poor Support

Was told call wait times would be 10mins…decided to use online chat…waited 14mins no response.
I made a family referal which was totally botched…oh dear, it looks like my move to bulb was a mistake so I will be switching again post haste.

Heya @PamB

Sorry that we have not answered quickly. We really don’t like keeping you waiting.

If a referral link was used, it should automatically credit both accounts on the day your family member switches. If you could send me a private message with the name and postcode of your friend, I’ll take a look for you.

Hi @PamB,

I notify Eleanor has attempted to answer your question and sorry you had problems reaching Bulb. If you want to send Eleanor a private message, just click on her name/picture to be taken to her profile page ( https://community.bulb.co.uk/profile/Eleanor%20at%20Bulb ) and then click ‘Message’ on the right hand side (don’t type your personal details onto this public forum or in the ‘Activity’ box on Eleanor’s page otherwise everybody will be able to see it).

I hope once things are settled, you’ll find that Bulb is a nice friendly place and that long call wait times are unusual (I’ve only had to call them once and they were quick to answer - I think 2 or 3 rings - an email responses [which are best for non-urgent stuff] tend to vary a bit between ‘same day’ and 5 days depending on how busy Bulb are).