Positive Feedback

I see several complaints on here. I’ve been with Bulb well over a year. My previous supplier got my on and off peak ele reads mixed up! Bulb eventually got that sorted. I’m on ele only Econ7. I give meter reads (non Smart meter) every month. Bulb site helpfully shows previous reads (going way back) , so I can monitor costs and usage; & suggests DD pay levels which I’ve partly agreed. I’ve recently got comparable quotes since Bulb’s price rise; I couldn’t find cheaper.
Summary: Even if their tariffs were marginally dearer , I’d stick with Bulb for their support for renewables, their service, and the easy-use website. Sorry if I sound smug, but I’m organised and I know I’m getting a decent service. Dai. Penarth S Wales


Wait until you have a problem. The customer services is appalling.

Hi @DaiWales

This is your first post so welcome to the community :wave: it is great to have you around :tada:

Thank you for taking your time to spread some positivity about your experience with Bulb :bulb:

We are glad that you are happy with our services and if you ever have any feedback on how we could improve please let us know.


Hi @Tigermad

We are sorry that you have not had such a positive experience. :frowning_face:

If there is anything we can look into in particular please let us know and I will make sure this happens.