Positive Thoughts About Bulb

Forums often become a hub for complaints, rather congratulations, and whilst the top thread seems to be saying that Bulb is a useless company, my experience has been completely the opposite.

I wanted to say thank you to Bulb for a number of things.

  • 100% renewable electricity - We have a long way to go to reduce the impact we have made on the planet, but Bulb are helping us to do that.
  • 10% renewable gas and 90% carbon offset - We rely heavily on gas in the UK, so it’s great to see alternatives being offered
  • Emails telling me that, whilst the amount I have in credit is a bit low, my current monthly payment is more than enough to pay for winter fuel. With previous companies, as soon as you go into debit, they have increased the amount they take every month, and don’t drop it when you are in credit. Bulb sensibly work out what you are using every month on average and don’t penalise you for it.
  • Electricity and gas rates that are competitive even though you tend to pay a premium for renewable energy. Well done guys!
  • A simple rate, with no “special” offers that disappear after a year.

Although there are some negative experiences out there for some people, I am sure you are doing your best to resolve them. From my perspective, I would just like to say thank you for your dedication to renewable energy and making a positive contribution to our society.


Hi @Adagis

Welcome to the Bulb Community! Thanks for making your first post such a positive one, I must say it’s some of the nicest feedback I’ve read since starting at Bulb.

Our principles here are to make energy simpler, cheaper, and greener for all our members. It’s really encouraging for all of us here at Bulb to read that we’ve managed to do this for you since you switched. We agree there should be no premium when paying for renewable energy, and want to make sure it is available for everyone. Although, I should note our green gas isn’t quite 10% anymore - you can read more about this here: https://bulb.co.uk/blog/an-update-on-our-carbon-neutral-gas

If there is anything we can ever do to help with your account, do just let us know. Moreover, we’re always looking for feedback on all aspects of our offering. If there is anything at all you can think of that we could improve, or a new feature that you’d find handy, we’d love to hear about it?

Once again, thank you for the lovely comments. It’s certainly shaken the last of the Monday blues out of me :smiley: :bulb:


The main reason i was attracted to bulb is the openness,with tariff and standing daily charge, i struggle with others given that info, they always answer we have several tariff plans, So for me its how open and honest the tariffs are & being green is an even bigger bonus. Im happy and feel like a customer rather than just another number. i have only spoke to them a few times each time resolved issues.


Hey @richard.evans.home60

We really appreciate you following on from @Adagis’s kind words on Bulb with your own thoughts :grinning:

Having a clear, simple and fair tariff is absolutely at the core of our values, so we’re really glad to see you appreciate that. We always try to be transparent about our costs and how that informs our Vari-fair tariff.

This is also why we don’t have any exit fees, contracts, or introductory tariff rates. We’re really pleased that you feel like a valued member, and your comments make us feel valued too, so thanks for spreading the love :+1:


I joined Bulb because I was fed up with too many tariff options, standing charge hikes and inconsistent billing from my last supplier, and many others before them.
All of my queries with Bulb staff have been positive, informative and extremely helpful. I tip my hat to you all :slight_smile:
I would like to say thank you to the staff and a company that is right for me ( and my newly joined mum ) and please please don’t change to a complicated silly list of tariffs in the future! Obviously improve where you feel the need to of course :slight_smile:
So, with that in mind, if Bulb were a real bulb would they be
A) A daffodil bulb, B) An LED bulb, C) A halogen bulb, D) a fluorescent bulb ?
I only ask as there is only one of those bulbs I would gladly kiss as a thank you (hint, one would taste nasty and two of them would burn your lips lol )


Continuing the discussion from Positive Thoughts About Bulb:
As an Asset Manager for a Housing Association I see first hand the struggles many of our tenants have managing the complicated tariffs on offer from various utility suppliers. Bulb is different with one simple competitive tariff, send regular meter readings and there will be no nasty surprises.


Hey @alexanderjamescarle thanks for this and welcome to Bulb Community.

It’s really nice to hear a practical example of how our simple tariff, that combined with our direct debit payment system aims to keep things simple and consistent for all of our members.

If the properties you manage are in the same building / block maybe you could set up a system to help the tenants to refer each other to Bulb and earn up to £50 each per switch