Possible change of supplier

new quote to stay with bulb

@dk_1, are you saying you want Bulb to give you a new quote?

They only have one tariff which is the same for everyone (at least in your area, it varies slightly across the country). They can’t simply give you a better price.

Strange request, if you moved to Bulb due to price per kWh and they are one of the cheapest then the only way to make it cheaper for yourself is to use less energy (kWh).
If you feel the quote was to high then this would be based on information you supplied OR on your historical information (usage).

@dk_1 in line with @mowcius and @scudo’s comments, what I recommend people is to use our online tool at https://join.bulb.co.uk/join/quote. Once you have the quick quote based on number of bedrooms, click on the blue button toward the bottom of the page labelled “Refine my Quote”. This will let you enter your usage see what we expect you’ll pay per month. You can also put in your usage if you were able to conserve some energy, and see how much you’d save.