Possible Price Rise?

Scottish Power retentions are advising me that some new customers have been emailed by Bulb to advise that prices may rise between 5% and 35% on the 31st March, I have had no such email so is that true?

On the 19th of December with a subject of “Energy prices have been in the news”, I received the following email from Bulb:

You might have seen in the news that energy prices rose sharply last week. We just wanted to reassure you that since we buy our energy three months in advance, we don't need to change our prices now.

There’s a chance we may have to increase our prices in March 2018. If we do, we promise to give you 60 days notice. And we never charge exit fees, so you can leave us anytime at zero cost.

We’ve written a blog with more info on how wholesale energy costs are changing because we think it’s important to keep you informed.

We hope you find it interesting.

All the best,
Hayden & Amit

I’ve had no such email. I’d imagine it’s made up. It sounds very carefully worded so it can’t be proven to be a lie. I’d join up anyway. You’re going to save money, and if it turns out that there is a price rise, you can leave Bulb without penalty as there are no exit fees.

One energy company or another will be the cheapest today/this week/this month, but I believe that Bulb will consistently be among the most competitive.

@Paul_H, Haha!

Scottish Power are pretty much the dodgiest slimiest company out there so I’m not surprised they’re spreading such lies.

Bulb are almost certainly going to have to raise their prices in March as wholesale prices have gone up consistently over the last 6 months, but as much as @“Will at Bulb” wouldn’t tell me how much the rise might be, there will be announcement before the end of the month giving everyone 60 days notice.