Possible spam email

I’ve had 2 mails, purportedly from Bulb, one from a Nonkululeko Ndlovu(Bulb) and a Shazia Reyazuddin (Bulb) . The first came at the same time as I got an acknowledgement of a meter reading and the second as a reply to my query to question about the first. Junked both, as it was not clear what they wanted. Anybody got emails from either of these two?

Hi @LeChatnoir :wave:

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I just had a check on your account, both those emails are from Bulb but sorry for any confusion.

I believe Nonkululeko was emailing you in response to an issue you had with submitting meter readings, and Shazia responded to the follow up email you sent.

Did you need any assistance with submitting your readings?

Ele :sunny: