Postcode differing prices

Hi, I’ve just switched to bulb and have just realised that depending on your postcode differing charges apply, can anyone shed any light on this or am I mistaken? I was under the impression that there was only one tariff.

There is only one tariff but prices can vary from region to region due to other operational factors.
You are on a fixed tariff as are all customers but your regional price is likely to be different from other regions,
Dont confuse tariff with the regional rate. All companies have this variance in regional pricing per kWh.

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Thank You Scudo, please can you tell me what these operational factors are?

I don’t have all the detail so possibly Bulb will answer that for you when they see this, this may help meantime:

Hi Scudo, that answers my question perfectly. So kind of you to take so much time and trouble. Much appreciated

@Caca I assume @scudo has helped you get an answer, but I thought I would just add a point on this thread.

Essentially, distributing energy in different regions costs different amounts of energy which means that we are charged more by the distribution networks.

Getting energy around London is easier than in the more sparsely populated areas of Scotland and therefore it is cheaper.