Postcode Price Difference

This has probably been asked or is prob obvious but I just checked my Highland postcode electricity price, which is, 13.755 per kWh and for fun I checked my previous Edinburgh postcode which is 12.60per kWh. This worked out at almost £10 difference when compared to my last SSE bill. (I have just switched 2 days ago).

Still liking your prices obvs, but just wondered why the price difference when ‘Dave from Bulb’ said “The other thing is that, essentially, the cost of electricity in the UK is pretty much the same for each area, regardless of the source of the electricity” in a previous post.

Could the difference be to VAT?

I have been told by Bulb that the regional differences in electricity and gas price are due to variations in the distribution costs. They added a few examples “distance of homes from generators and the density of homes in the region”.

Dated info, but I’m sure it’s a similar picture now…

Hi @Glenaldie as @phproxy and @TracyH said there is a different price of energy in each region.

It boils down to three major factors:

How much energy Bulb sells in your area
How much we buy from generators in your area
The different charges imposed on the energy supplied by the local distribution network in your area.

Nationally, not just at Bulb Merseyside and the South of Wales have some of the highest energy prices on average and The North of Scotland and East Midlands have the lowest on average.

Thank you Ben for your reply, which is to the point. I have just found out as well that the Bulb price increase letter current and future prices are inclusive of VAT. It may help other community members to know this.

@TracyH No problem, yeah I think that has caused some confusion for a few of our members so thanks for clearing up, maybe next time we will try to make it more clear.