Posting link to FaceBook

I made my unique ‘refer a friend link’ and sent a referral to my daughter as I know she’s very interested in all things Green and in saving money. I wanted to send to a few more friends as well but couldn’t find my way back to the ‘Refer a friend’ box / link. None of the links I found were live. However, I noticed that I could post to FaceBook so I clicked the FB logo to post the Bulb link there for my friends to see and explore. Does the Bulb Infographic / link I now have on my FB page link in to my unique ‘refer a friend’ link?
As I get older I fear I am turning into my father as far as computers are concerned. I really need a 5 year old child here to guide me through it all!

Hi @angelapowerrenewable

It sounds like everything is fine and the link you posted on facebook is your referral link, so that’s great. The easiest way to double check is to click on the link you posted and see if it says your name. If it does, then great, it’s fine. If not, just post on facebook instead and you’re good to go.



Thanks Will :slight_smile: