Potential over payments


I recently received an email stating that, due to my recent meter readings, our payments will need to be upped by £30 a month. I have since realised that embarrassingly my boiler was on constantly instead of on timer and so I think that although I recognise this month will be higher, I don’t think it’s an accurate reflection going forward.

Unfortunately due to long working hours during the week I can’t ring during your open hours. Could you advise how I can discuss this with someone.

Thank you

Sam Walker

Hi Sam,

You seem to be under the impression that this is private communication with Bulb. Please do bear in mind that you’ve posted on a community forum where everyone can see what you’ve written. You’re not the only one that does this, it’s a common mistake. I’m not sure why, it’s obvious enough it’s a user community and not a “contact us” form.

Now, replying purely as another customer, just log in to your account and set the direct debit to whatever you want. The price increase is only a suggestion. Unlike many suppliers, you have direct control over the value of the direct debit.