Power cut on friday the 08 of march 2019.

We had a power cut for probably a minute or so and my computer has stop working.i have lost very important work on it.its gona cost me hundreds.i would like to know who is responsible as i need a compensation.i will take a legal action as i have a clients work on there which was edited and i might have to compensate them.i am devastated.

i would like to know who is responsible


You should have bought a UPS and taken sufficient off-site backups of important work.

No one else is responsible for your consequential losses resulting from a power failure. Your business insurance might cover something.

...i will take a legal action...
Good luck with that... Assuming normal weather, your only claim is against your regional power distribution company (ie not Bulb) if your supply is off for more than 12 hours. Ref: Ofgem Guarantee

Even if an insurance claim is made how do you prove data was lost it is just hearsay.

Intrigued to see how this one pans out. As someone said above, if something is so critical, you should be backing up your work!

I suspect we’ll hear no more about it now that the OP realises that he’s tilting at windmills.

...tilting at windmills.
Not heard that one before!

Really? Perhaps you’re younger than I thought.

Really? Perhaps you're younger than I thought.

What a quixotic notion.

What a quixotic notion.

or even Cervantes.