Power outage in NG19

Any news on this outage

Hi Lee (I’m NG21 myself - hello nearly neighbourino!),

Bulb isn’t ‘in control’ of getting the electricity to your house from the National Grid to your house - try and think of it as them having to buy the energy to go into the grid which just happens to equal the amount you used (of course, they also have to pay transmission/distribution fees etc).

Your local electricity distributor - in our case http://www.westernpower.co.uk/ - is the one you need to contact (by looking at their outage map at https://powercuts.westernpower.co.uk/ it looks like this may already be resolved) . If you do get a power cut, there is now a ‘short code’ to call 105 (see https://www.powercut105.com/ ) which should get you in contact with your distributor to report/get updates (although of them have Twitter accounts such as https://twitter.com/wpduk ).

Other people can check who their local distributor is http://www.energynetworks.org/info/faqs/who-is-my-network-operator.html

@lee637 @RichyB has done a fantastic job on the right channels to get information on the power outage! Couldn’t have done better myself.