Powerwall Subsidies

Hello Bulb people!

I’d like to draw your attention to this news article:-

I’ve signed up to bulb because of the promise for a good deal as well as good green credentials. In fact, the green credentials are most important to me. It seems like we are at a tipping point where the UK could switch to a majority of electricity from renewable sources if we made the effort and sstopped subsidising coal etc…

Anyway, there has always been the issue of smoothing power delivery across the day and it strikes me that the Tesla powerwall (I believe there are others but no doubt Tesla will have a price advantage with its Gigafactory) is the perfect solution. I fully believe that in 10 years, home battry systems will be commonplace!

When can we see such a subsidy system introduced here?

This would be a great move for Bulb to introduce. It would no doubt require a long term buy in from the customer but the installation of a powerwall (or such like) would allow energy to be bought at cheap times of the day and delivered at more expensive times. If the Bulb purchases 100% renewable energy I assume this would allow them to purchase electricity cheaper, pay back the cost of the powerwall and then continue to derive a cost reduction.

Bring on the renewable future :slight_smile:

@michael122 awesome article- thanks!

We’re completely in agreement, storage and demand side management are definitely a fantastic response to intermittency generation and for avoiding expensive peak energy times.

There’s so much scope for creating tariffs and subsidies that compliment these new technologies. As the price of batteries is constantly dropping, home energy storage is gaining popularity and we can start exploring these ideas in more depth!

It’s still a little way off but that means we’ve got time to hear all your awesome suggestions. What features would you like to see in a subsidy or new tariff system?