Pre-Pay Meter top it or lose it?

HI, I have a pre pay meter here, which is a pain, it was put in due to someone who lived here before i am told, would i be better off putting £1000 on it for the year Jobs done…(I would hope) or paying £120 to have it changed… But don’t really want a smart meter, as they are about as reliable as a politician…
Wondering what to do, i would not be happy having to go to the corner shop to get electric, when ever the meter says its that time of the month…
As I said shall i just put £1000 on it…
Can you tell me which way is cheaper please?
Slippers and dressing gown off to the corner shop!!!

Could you advise me please

if you changed to a credit meter your S/C would go from £0.030 a day to£0.020 per day(£71pa) afraid it would be up to you to decide cost V the inconvenience of going to corner shop

As skippy64 says your energy will be cheaper with a normal meter than a prepayment meter. Whether the saving is more than £120 to make it worthwhile, you’ll have to run the numbers to find out.

In any case, you wont be able to put £1000 on your meter. I think I remember reading somewhere the upper limit is £200.

Best thing to do is switch suppliers to one that will swap you over to a credit meter for free, and then look around to see who is the cheapest supplier and switch again. Bit unethical I suppose, but you’ve got to play the game.

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Thanks for your imput guys… its always fun clearing up someone else’s mess… have taken your wisdom on board…