Pre pay meter

Hi all, I have applied to switch over to bulb. I should of been switched by 18th April. However, looking through previous posts on Facebook it isn’t possible to switch having a pre pay meter? I had received a goodbye letter from my previous supplier too?

According to , it seems Bulb do currently have a pre-pay trial which you may have been included on - but it may be worth dropping Bulb a line at (see ) to assist.

The fact your meter is prepaid /should/ have flagged up on their systems when you signed up (as they integrate with the meter supply database which contains details of what type of meter - Prepaid/Eco7/Eco10/Standard etc - you have to produce appropriate prices) so they have either included you on the trial automatically, have ended the trial and are just offering it to everyone, or the database is slightly incorrect/wasn’t flagged and there could be problems.

Hi Janine. We currently supply your electricity but not your gas. Your electricity meter is listed as a credit meter on the database. Are both your gas and electricity meters pre-pay?

Thank you for your replies. Yeah I was thinking the same Richy. Hi Maude my electric is a pre pay red key meter.

Hmm, sounds like there’s a problem there. It’s not a smart meter by any chance? Those can re-configure themselves to become credit meters. If it’s a non-smart pre-pay meter then we will have to cancel the registration :frowning:

Hi yes it’s a key we top up