Pre pay meters to direct debit payment swap?

Hi all,

Just a question on behalf of my mum really, for no reason she has been on a pre pay card meter for as long as I can remember and I have for many many years told her that the cost of the electric and gas she pays is way is too much but she really didn’t care about the cost it worked and was easy,

Anyhow, now she is getting older going to the shops is more of a struggle she is now considering changing, sensible I hear you all say.

Anyhow my question is how how would she go about signing up to bulb and getting a normal electric and gas meter installed?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Dennis,

Your mum’s existing supplier should exchange the meter for a pay monthly (credit) meter, They often do this free of charge.

Once this is done, you would then be able to switch your supply to Bulb. (Unfortunately, Bulb are not yet able to supply pay-as-you-go-meters, nor can we change the meter if we are not already the supplier for that property.)

Thanks for the swift reply, I’ll get her to do that, then I will get her to swap.

Cheers again

Ace, thanks Dennis. You’re doing a good thing for her :slight_smile: