Pre payment electric meter is not working

My meter screen is blank, not showing amount ad when I put my key in tonight it did nothing, it usually beeps and shows the amount that ha been put in I’m worried as I know the amount was low and now that bulb have closed their phone lines for the weekend can anyone tell me if there is an out of hours number as I’m not going to have electric over the weekend

Hello, due to a power cut in September my pre pay meter entered ‘fail safe’ mode, a blank display, and no longer registers any top ups. The good thing is your electricity should stay on, but any top ups you do make keep the receipts as proof of payment.
Bulb told me there are no replacement meters and as I have storage heaters I cannot have a 1 rate meter. Smart meters are useless so if I were you, I would phone them. If they give the same answer I received, put in an official complaint, and then 8 weeks later complain to Ofgem. Bulb do not seem to care about this situation, but you are not alone in having this problem.
Hope this helps.