pre payment gas meter

Hi, I have recently joined Bulb and am within my cooling off period. I currently have a direct debit payment for my electricity meter and a pre pay / pay as you go gas meter. I was looking to upgrade to Smart Meters but the gas meter is old and British Gas said that its on a joined fuse with next doors house so the local electricity company would need to look at. My question is, would you be able to sort out the fuse issue and upgrade to Smart Meters? Thanks.

Hi @stelco! At the moment our prepay product is in Beta Phase, which means we are taking on our first prepay members and ironing out issues as we find them. For the moment, we are not able to exchange prepayment meters to credit meters- it will be something we can do in the future, but we are still working out our processes. Moreover, we are not offering Smart Meters just yet. This is because currently only first-generation smart meters are being installed in the UK right now. These cannot always be read by a different supplier if you switch. We will begin installing second-generation meters as soon as we can- they depend on technology from a third party (the DCC, which will manage Smart Meter communications with suppliers).