Pre-Payment Meter Alleged - It's a lie!!

I recommended someone to Bulb through sending them a link so that they had the added incentive of the £50 gift.

When she tries to move to Bulb your software tells her that she has a pre-payment meter. She definitely doesn’t, it is a standard meter. She has contacted you, and you have advised her to get her meter type changed on the national database to the correct type. She contacted her current provider, the infamous nPower to be told that the detail recorded on the national database is a standard meter. She has now gone back to the Bulb website but your software is still saying that she has a pre-payment meter.

I think that this is called a quandary, but if anyone can sort it out I know that Bulb can, cos you’re ace!



Hi @lerwegian I’m so sorry that this has been happening for your friend! Our website is directly linked to the industry database so it may be that nPower have recently sent off a request to change this but it hasn’t gone through yet (this can take around a week).

Could you let me know your friend’s meter serial number or get her to contact us again and I can check into what’s going with this?

Hi Evie

Just had a close look at the meter to get the serial number - D00R84906 - and there is something very odd going on. The meter is a card meter, but she has lived there for 14 years, with her electricty bills paid to Scottish Hydro, then nPower, and always paid by direct debit. She has never credited the meter with a card, in fact neither of us had noticed the card slot before because the meter is not easily accessed.

Hi @lerwegian thanks for that serial number! Unfortunately the industry database still has it listed as a prepayment meter and from your description with the card slot it sounds like it is one. :disappointed:

I’m not sure how NPower has configured you friend’s account but the only way to get this changed on the database is to first get them to change the meter. We would love to welcome your friend as a bulb member but we can’t do this until she has a registered credit meter.

Really hope that NPower can sort this out soon for her!

Thanks a lot for your time Evie. She is on the case with nPower. It’s odd that they took it over as a pre-payment meter, and even odder that she has not used it as such in the last 14 or so years, with a man just coming around to read it every 3 months or so! No response needed, and thank-you for your input.